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Guidelines for Designing a Multifaith Prayer Service

Scarboro Missions is pleased to announce the publication of this revised version of comprehensive guidelines for multifaith prayer. Over the past five years, the suggestions of interfaith activists from around the world have helped us improve this resource.

Multifaith prayer is a growing international phenomenon that yields many spiritual, social and cultural benefits for the various faith groups and individuals involved. But there are a number of religious, cultural and practical challenges involved in organizing multifaith prayer services.

These guidelines provide an abundance of information, resources and helpful tips for designing and implementing a multifaith spiritual service in your community. For your convenience, the document is available in pdf and Word formats.

Please feel free to forward this announcement and link through your communities and networks for use in newsletters, bulletin boards, websites, mailing lists, list-serves, blogs, Facebook pages, twitter, etc.

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“From Crack To Clergy”

Written By Eric S. Smith;  available on Amazon

This is truly an inspirational book based upon facts of life. Through this book, Eric gives insight on how he overcame many various obstacles throughout his life and how racism and prejudices are very real, but not neccesarily the determining factors that regulate the final outcome in life.

He further demonstrates through the writing of this book and with his other various accomplishments that with determination, perseverance and positive thinking, one can overcome that which might be considered a bad start in life. He refused to accept that status and continues to press on forward.  In the face of poverty- severe stutter-fears-weakness-racist views-addiction and lack of a support system, Eric never stops moving toward what he has thought not possible.

The reader will learn how to view life in a different way and increase critical thinking skills.  All ages, ethnic groups, and genders can benefit from this simple yet powerful truth about real life issues we all confront one time or another.


Meet The Need

Meet The Need provides every tool a church (or charity) will ever need to manage and communicate every aspect of its charitable work – volunteering, events, internal ministries, local (charity) partnerships, benevolence, drives, international missions, etc.  The idea is to dramatically increase the impact churches (and charities) have in their communities and save them a tremendous amount of time and money by being the first to bring modern tools to local and international missions.


As a Christ-centered ministry whose heart is to see churches bring far more help and hope to their communities, we don’t charge for any of those solutions – despite the 10 years and millions invested in building them.   All of that is why every organization says “yes” to Meet The Need after seeing a demo.  Here are some quick links to information that may give you a better feel for what we do and our value to your church or ministry:

Here are the links for Churches:






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Thomas Bush, San Diego County Love Loud/Meet the Need Coordinator (


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