Date(s) - Monday, August 12th, 2019
8:30 am - 1:00 pm

University Christian Church

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Join NAIN’s First Ever Digital Connect, an online conference. You may attend “in-person” for $10 at University Christian Church, 3900 Cleveland Avenue, SD 92103.

People involved in NAIN believe that religion, especially through improved interfaith relations, should be a force for reconciliation in a polarized world. We also know from experience, however, that religions have been a source of polarization and are often examples of it. As sociologists Robert Putnam and David Campbell put it in their book, American Grace, “polarization and pluralism are the principal themes in the recent history of American religion”–a judgment that applies throughout North America. Any serious attempt to advance a pluralistic agenda must confront the complexity of this history.

One way to approach this is to acknowledge that, while interfaith advocates prefer to say “both/and,” there are times when we need to make “either/or” choices and judgments. Ironically, religious resistance to social and political polarization demands that we say no to certain ways of being religious. In this presentation, NAIN will flesh out the tension suggested above and invite discussion of it.

· Brian Farr J.D.: Had Enough? Healing a Polarized World
· Rorri Geller-Mohamed: Connecting Multiracial Families and Interfaith Work
· NAIN Young Adult Scholars Panel on the theme ofInterfaith Community in a Polarized World
· Michael Kinnamon: Complicating the Picture: Why Both/And is Not always the Right Response

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