Bettering the San Diego Region Through Multireligious Cooperation
Dear Friend of SDRIC,
February 2022

Thank you for supporting the San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborative (SDRIC) and being a part of our work to empower San Diego County’s faith community to make our region better.

As SDRIC continues to address the most critical issues facing our San Diego community e.g. human trafficking, immigrants and refugees, police-community relations, homelessness, domestic violence, environmental justice – we need your help to generate the modest financial resources required to keep bringing the interfaith community together with those on the frontlines to be a part of the solutions.
To continue our mission, we are seeking your help in finding someone who can undertake the task of development services. We have a very modest budget and none of our part-time employees or volunteer board members are able to perform this task.

We are looking for an individual with fundraising experience who can identify potential donation sources (e.g. grant opportunities, foundations, philanthropic individuals) and help prepare necessary materials to appeal to these funding sources (e.g. writing a letter of intent (LOI), preparing a grant application.

Is this something that you personally can do or do you know someone who can?

Fundraising is a highly specialized field and while SDRIC’s limited financial resources mean we would prefer someone who is willing to offer their services pro bono, we want to acknowledge people for their experience and compensate them. Therefore we would be happy to discuss a fee, including the possibility of a commission-based compensation arrangement that would allow us to pay an individual a percentage of whatever resources they are able to bring into the organization.

Please contact us at for more information about this opportunity or to volunteer yourself or recommend someone you know.

Thank you for your consideration.

The SDRIC Board of Directors

P.S. If you would like to learn more about SDRIC or make a financial contribution, check out the other parts of this website; to make a donation: