Bettering the San Diego Region Through Multireligious Cooperation
Why an interfaith collaborative?
In a world where religion can be divisive, we seek to work and play together in a loose network of both religious communities and relating organizations. There are tremendous needs within the greater San Diego region that no one community or agency can fully respond to yet . . .
Statement of Purpose
The San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborate is a community based inter-religious network whose purpose is to promote and facilitate cooperation among religious communities and relating organizations within the San Diego region to serve the community by sharing information and providing opportunities for communication and service.
Religious traditions have tremendous wisdom and goodwill. The San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborative (SDRIC) seeks to nurture and enhance the infrastructure of relationships, resources, mutual spiritual understanding, out-flowing compassion, and working together that emerges from that wisdom and goodwill.

To this end, SDRIC sees the religious community as a network, so there is no center, and SDRIC is not a lead or umbrella organization, nor does it seek to duplicate what others are doing. Rather, it is a servant, catalyst, and neutral convenor, to assist the network in thinking together strategically and addressing the underlying conditions necessary for the success of any interfaith group or effort, whether it involves fellowship, dialogue, social service and/or social action.

SDRIC does not take a position on any particular religious beliefs, philosophies or policies nor does it favor any particular religious or spiritual discipline.

Strategic Directions:

Mapping the religious landscape and fostering awareness of it

Linking fragmented and isolated parts

Increasing the flow of information

Creating neutral and collaborative spaces in which the whole can be understood, and fostering actions of compassion and service

In late 2009, following the Parliament of the World’s Religions’ parliament in Melbourne, Australia, a few folks began outreach which led to a series of conversations on how all religious groups and relating organizations could work together. The San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborative was the result.
Welcome to SDRIC!
We are a community of communities who believe that sharing, learning and serving together benefits everyone. We therefore invite you to not only explore the opportunities to learn about other traditions, but to join in the conversation, make a few friends and work together to make the greater San Diego region a better place.

Email us at  to know about upcoming opportunities to join the conversation.




Who belongs?
Anyone who desires to benefit San Diego. There is no formal membership. This is a neutral, non-political, non-discriminatory collaborative of communities, agencies and individuals. People of every religious tradition as well as those who do not identify with any tradition are welcome to participate.

Groups, organizations and individuals can help defray the costs of this nonprofit site. Please vist the Donate tab.

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