San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborative

supporting the multi-religious network for communication, compassion and service


Welcome to SDRIC!

We are a community of communities who believe that sharing, learning and serving together benefits everyone. We therefore invite you to not only explore the opportunities to learn about other traditions, but to join in the conversation, make a few friends and work together to make the greater San Diego region a better place.

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Who belongs?

Anyone who desires to benefit San Diego. There is no formal membership. This is a neutral, non-political, non-discriminatory collaborative of communities, agencies and individuals. People of every religious tradition as well as those who do not identify with any tradition are welcome to participate.

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Stay tuned for the announcement of the next SDRIC Gathering of Religious Leaders.

Thank you to everyone who attended the February 18, 2020 gathering, Building Inclusive Communities in an Era of Hate, Isolation and Radicalization.

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